Happy Lunar Year of the Metal Rat 2020

Happy lunar year of the metal rat 2020. This is a wonderful and exciting year as the Rat is the first animal within the Chinese Zodiac. Last year we saw the Golden Earth Pig, which marked the end of a complete rotation cycle of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The theme was around cleaning out your closet, and getting through the storm to bask on the beach with your friends.

This year we see the beginning of a new 60 year cycle with the year of the metal yang white rat. At the same time it is the beginning of a new decade. As you can guess, this will be a year of new beginnings, to reinvent yourself, and to create the authentic life you wish to have. It is a time to take a fresh breath and leave behind what isn’t serving you in life. We hold past memory, trauma, and emotion within our cells. These intangible things may make us feel that we are holding onto that burden as we move forward. Or they are just not serving and benefiting us anymore.

In Classical Chinese medicine, we have the opportunity to connect with the 8 extraordinary channels. The Yin and Yang Qiao (heel vessels) work to help support this forward momentum through acupuncture or sonopuncture (sound healing with tuning forks). By treating a patient with these channels, they allow us permission leave the $#@! behind us so we can plant our feet firmly forward in the excitement of life.

Some of you may remember in past blogs I have talked about the history of the Lunar New Year. For those who are interested please click here. I also go into the many differences between the Western new year and Chinese lunar new year.



One of my favorite videos to watch every lunar new year is from Way Fengshui

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Thank-you for taking the time to read this, from Julie at AcuCare Acupuncture and Facial Renewal.