Weight Loss Recommendations

Acupuncture and Weight Loss, an introduction:

The guiding principal is that acupuncture can power up any other weight control strategy by curbing appetite, quelling cravings, boosting metabolism, improving digestion, regulating obesity-related hormones and enhancing the way nutrients are used. It also strengthens the function of the liver, the organ that produces many chemicals critical for digestion, processing nutrients and breaking down of fats. Acupuncture may also increase tone in the smooth muscle of the stomach to help people know that they are full.

Treatments may be reinforced with Cupping to help detoxify the body, as well as electric stimulation on the belly points to really boost the metabolism! They will also include ear Acupuncture in the form of ear magnets that patients can massage periodically in between treatments to help with cravings.

For the best results, treatment should be done two times/week for a full course of treatment (anywhere between 10-16 sessions)!

Other Weight Loss Recommendations:


1)Dry Body Brushing:

Dry Body Brushing is a fantastic way to detox your lymphatic system. You simply find a firm hand brush like the Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush

How do I use it?

  • when you wake up in the morning, dry body brushing should be the first thing you do BEFORE you shower.
  • click here for a detailed explanation and diagram


Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing Explained:

  1. Removes cellulite
  2. Cleanses the lymphatic system
  3. Removes dead skin layers
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands
  6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
  7. Tones the muscles
  8. Stimulates circulation
  9. Improves the function of the nervous system
  10. Helps digestion


2)Spoonk Mat

Spoonk Mat (retails approx. $80)

The Spoonk™ Mat is based on the principles of acupressure and Japanese Shiatsu massage. Mat stimulates specific reflex points throughout the body, releases blocked energy, ease tense muscles and creates deep mental and physical relaxation. Benefits include increased level of energy, reduced inflammation and pain, improved sleep, metabolism and circulation.

What is the Spoonk Mat?
Spoonk™ acupressure massage mat has 6,210 stimulation points that will provide equal pressure on the body. You simply lay on it, ensuring that your “trouble areas” are stimulated by the stimulation points—and let the pressure of your body against the mat do the rest! The mat’s stimulation point stimulate blood circulation, relax tense muscles and induce “feel good” hormones (endorphins and oxytocin) that release feelings of wellbeing and calm. It has helped so many people with back pain and neck and shoulder stiffness, sleeping issues , and general fatigue even depression.

Spoonk is fantastic addition to your workout or yoga practice by providing deep tissue massage effect.

Enhance your health and wellness
You can treat your body and calm your mind in just 20 to 40 minutes on the mat. The Spoonk mat will energize you in the morning and help you unwind in the evening. Regular use will create the desired level of relaxation in your body that prevents the accumulation of stress and tension.

The Spoonk accupressure mat may help:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Boost energy
  • Deeper sense of relaxation
  • Ease Muscle tension
  • Induce deeper sleep
  • Reduce Backpain,
  • Revitalize, Energize
  • Relax yourself
3)Lymphatic Detox Massage

You can see my experience having this in the related blog under the Weight Loss category

4)Infrared Sauna

Click Here for a detailed description and pricing at pHresh Spa


Dose = 50-100 mg, before meals for the first two weeks, then double the dose if weight loss is less than 1 pound/week

Dose = 200-400 mcg daily helps stabilize blood-sugar levels and reduce cravings for sweets

Coenzyme Q10
Dose = 100-300 mg

Dose = 500 mg tid (3 times/day)

Dose = 500-1000 mg daily helps fatty acids inside cells produce energy burning mitochondria

Dose = 1 tbsp daily at breakfast helps emulsify fat

OF course daily exercise and 3 L/water per day are recommended, as well as deep breathing for 20-30 minutes/day.