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In a Japanese tea ceremony, when a treasured bowl breaks, it is never discarded. Instead, shards are joined with lacquer and gold, creating beauty from imperfection and splendor from misfortune. This philosophy of finding beauty in life’s rough-earned wisdom the Japanese call “wabi-sabi.”

A tasty tea for the soul, Wabi-Sabi Wisdom: Inspiration for an Authentic Life steeps readers in Eastern concepts infused with author Andrea Jacques’ earnest perspective and charm.

Elegantly designed, each chapter explores a unique theme such as work-life balance, stress, doing the work you love, finding purpose, increasing productivity, achieving mastery, cultivating authentic success and happiness, and much more.

Blending equal parts wit and wisdom, the book is the perfect companion for sipping on enlightenment and immersing oneself in inspiration for a life well-lived.

About the Author

Andrea Jacques is a speaker, author and founder of Kyosei Consulting International. She began her career in workplace transformation with academic, government, and health care institutions in Canada, but honed her “east-meets-west” approach (which forms the core of Kyosei’s coaching and training offerings) while working in Japan with corporations like Chase Manhattan, Disney, Fuji, NEC, and the Center for International Communication and Management. She lives in Vancouver, Canada; a stone’s throw from the beach and Stanley Park with her husband, Boyan, and her son, Zen.