I have had MS for 35 years. My right Leg is “bitterly dead” but painful. It cramps and wakes us up in the night. It ruins my life. Julie has removed the pain from the entire leg in 4 sessions. IT IS A MIRACLE. I have a bladder problem (overactive) and this disappeared. I have an implant and patches I wear, and these do not work. My bladder has been fine on the trip. Now the face….. Too many smiley deep lines – voila – the lines are turning into babies. I have worn bangs for 30 years. I now for two nights worn my hair straight back and people are saying what’s going on – you have such a small pretty face. I was pretty until a few months ago – all hell broke loose – Now Julie has put me back on track. I wanted to come back to her in Europe in April for more treatments. We have before and after pictures. Wanted more treatments but you’re booked.