In 2009 I was in a severe car accident that has me in chronic pain. I obtained many injuries, ranging from broken bones to soft tissue damage. Over the last three years I have had over 30 hours of surgery to repair my injuries and improve my condition. I have tried many different kinds of treatment for pain, particularly for early onset arthritis, nerve damage, swelling, and joint and muscle pain. I have tried things from arthrotec to percocet, pain management from cognitive behavioural therapy, and al in addition to attending physio for at least 10 hours a week. To date, I have had three treatments from Julie, and have never had more relief from my ailments. After the first session there was an immediate reduction in swelling and joint pain, and with every session my condition improves. Being 24 years old, it is with great happiness I can say that my treatments with Julie gives me hope that my pain actually can be managed and be far more comfortable living with my injuries. After years of trying different treatments, it is not only exciting for me, but my medical team as well, that Julie has had such a positive impact on reducing my pain levels, and thus assisting me in leading a more normal life.