A few weeks ago I went to see Julie Shillabeer for an acupuncture treatment. Although I have recommended acupuncture often to my patients over the years and know the potential benefits of this ancient therapy, I had never actually experienced it personally. My expectations were high.

What were my first impressions? Julie was professional, precise, and pleasant. Professional because she first took a detailed history to understand me better, and while she was working she explained everything in enough detail, without hesitation, to make me understand there was intention and reason behind where she put her needles.

Which brings me to precision. The needles were effortlessly placed and I could literally feel my body’s channels opening up. I know, this is an esoteric, subjective, and hardly a scientific observation, but better that than the opposite sensation any day. I loved the way it made me feel!My last ‘P’ is pleasant… well, have you met Julie?I would and will highly recommend Julie to my patients and can hardly wait to go back!