In August of 2009 I injured my back and had sciatica down my left leg with much back pain. I went to the Chiropractor, then to physiotherapy, back to the chiropractor and back to physiotherapy for another session of exercises, etc. Still the pain persisted and I was taking pain killers daily. There was no position that was comfortable. The Doctor diagnosed me with having degenerative disc L4-L5. There was a definite lump that I could feel in my back. Finally in July of 2010 I decided to try acupuncture and made an appointment to see Julie Shillabeer. My first treatment was on July 26th. Within just a few treatments my back loosened up and my limp was nearly gone. The pain was gone completely from the first treatment and so were the painkillers. Sometime around the third or fourth treatment the lump went down in my back. Before treatment even going shopping was a real chore and walking around in the malls was out of the question. As a result of the treatments, I can walk again in moderate comfort. I would like to thank Julie for making me feel so much better and have no qualms recommending her to anyone, and have done so repeatedly.