I began recieving acupuncture from Julie Shillabeer over a year ago for a neck injury from a car accident I was in. Since then I have continued to see her to continue my healing as well as for all my other medical/emotional/etc. concerns as I see instant and continuing results from our treatments. I have seen her for an old shoulder injury from snowboarding. I have seen her for stress, for trouble sleeping, for fertility help when trying to concieve my first baby, for relief from the emotional and physical aspects of my miscarriage and for much more.

Julie’s holistic approach to healing and prevention is extremely refreshing, as is her warm, genuine personality. Treatments with Julie feel like meeting with a friend. Her knowledge level is extremely impressive and she keeps you informed with what she is doing and why throughout the entire treatment. I am constantly blown away by Julie and how successful her work is for me. I will continue to see Julie for as long as I can. Thank you soooooo much.