I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday with Julie Shillabeer, R.Ac., of Acucare Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation. I already knew that I could expect a calm, gentle, professional manner as I have seen her before but this time felt a bit different so I wanted to blog about it. Julie does the usual pulse and tongue check that all acupuncturists do. Then she does a few different things.

E.g. tuning forks are used as they balance the left and right brain and ground the body (more info on her website and my previous blog). I felt very relaxed immediately from the tuning forks and this helped me not feel as tense or anxious about having needles in me (even though the needles are very small). This tuning fork treatment in advance is a huge advantage if you are scared of needles as the calming effect was very noticeable as I have never had anyone else do that prior to acupuncture.

Then Julie did muscle testing to get to the DNA/cellular level, constitutional level (root cause), and defensive level – this level deals with “tension” in the body. Julie mentioned that all acupuncturists work on the constitutional (root cause) level but not all acupuncturists work on DNA/cellular and defensive level. She said it is rare to find an acupuncturist who combines all 3 levels as she does. To me, this was an added bonus as I felt I was getting extra value to my treatment. I was wanting stress relief, more energy and a hand with my eczema/digestive issues.I noticed more energy and was definitely calmer yesterday and today I still feel the positive effects from the treatment. My skin is less inflamed too.

As a bonus she referred me to her website where she gave me a Magic Seeds recipe to help digestion and anti-aging. (Julie tells me she has been doing this recipe for the past month and her skin glows so much (I commented on it too before she told me about the recipe) that she told me someone on the street even stopped her and commented on her glowing skin!)

Here’s Julie’s website so can you find out more about her. You can see that acupuncture helps many things including pain, TMJ, digestion, skin issues, frozen shoulder, stress, insomnia, asthma, infertility, etc. She tells me she has a very high success rate with TMJ!