My experience with Lymphatic Drainage Massage…

I decided to go to Donna Sam, a practitioner who has had over 15 years experience with energy healing, massage, reikii, and therapeudic touch! She is also certified in Lymphatic drainage massage, which was the ultimate deciding factor as I knew she would be very experienced with many patients.

I went to her private practice near Oak and 12th in Vancouver.. as it was most convenient to me having a short walk home after the session.

What on earth is Lymphatic drainage massage?

Because the lymph system does not have a pump (like the blood system does), manual lymphatic drainage massage helps break up the congestion and remove toxins from the body. She mentioned the more toxins we can release, the better we will feel—and look!

The type of Lymphatic drainage massage I received includes a face and head massage to start, which was just such a great way to relax my mind. Then she continued with arm, forearm, hand massage, leg massage and some foot reflexology.  I received the 60 minute session, which focuses massage on the front, although she mentioned there is a 90 minute one which also includes the back. There were some areas I found to be quite tender, for example along the forearm and calf area. She mentioned this is where I might hold more toxins, so it was great to know they would be released!

When the treatment was finished, I grabbed some water and gulped it down. I felt so open and relaxed after the session. Donna mentioned some of the benefits I would notice would be a boost in the immune system, brain clarity, improved digestion, reduction in cravings, a toned abdomen, along with other detoxifying benefits!

Home care consisted of rest, water, and a clean diet to increase the benefits of the session. I will be doing a course of session, along with infrared sauna sessions to get a double dose of detox this Spring!

Thanks Donna!

For more information, please visit her website