Learn Why Acupuncture Is So Effective for TMJ/Jaw Pain

Throughout the last 15 years as an Acupuncturist, one of the treatments I love working on is acupuncture for TMJ/Jaw Pain. If a Patient comes in complaining of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw, I know I can help them. What is interesting, is that sometimes jaw pain can lead to symptoms you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be due to a TMJ disorder. Symptoms of tinnitus and neck pain don’t come to mind right away, and neither do headaches. This means you might be guided down the wrong path when it comes to treatment for these symptoms.

Many people don’t even know what TMJ/Jaw Pain is or what it feels like, unless you have it that is! When you go in for your bi-annual checkup, your Dentist might suggest a Mouth Guard or that you may need Invisalign.

As an expert in Facial Acupuncture, you might think that I work on ‘cosmetic’ or ‘superficial’ goals. What many people do not understand, is that the face is full of complicated muscles that also hold emotion. It is equally as important to release tension from the face, as it is to boost collagen and elastin. It is also equally as effective to treat jaw pain as it is to lift the cheeks.


In the below video, I explain how and why Acupuncture is so effective for TMJ/Jaw Pain. You will see me do a small demo on myself. This isn’t what a treatment would look like for a Patient. It does give you an idea of some of the methods I use in clinic. You will notice that I use tuning forks on the face. This is a unique and specialized treatment that is extremely relaxing. I always say it feels like a deep tissue massage for your cells.

Through my research on articles touting the benefits of Acupuncture for TMJ/Jaw Pain, I found a mainstream one I wanted to share. Colgate has done their research and found “The study published in Medicine concluded that TMJ acupuncture therapy is effective in relieving pain.” If you wish to read the article on their webpage click HERE

If you wish to learn more about receiving Acupuncture for TMJ and Jaw Pain, click HERE. As always, feel free to contact me at julie@acucarevancouver.ca for any questions you may have. Thanks!