Goddess Protocol Acupressure points

– a sneak peak into the upcoming book

Goddess Protocol Acupressure points will help you learn acupressure that helps with your longevity and essence as an individual. I am so excited about the upcoming trilogy I am writing on educating patients and the public on ageless beauty that will be out in the Fall!

I wanted to write this blog on Goddess Protocol Acupressure points to help with longevity and bringing out your ‘full’ Goddess. You can massage all these points on yourself or your loved ones. When you do acupressure, use deep, firm pressure to massage and stimulate each point. When massaging acupressure points, try to relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. It even helps to listen to calming music to get you in a zen space. Repeat the massage as often as you like; there is no limit to the number of times a day.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we view aging as a decline in kidney essence. For men, you will see a decline in kidney yang, and for women, a decline in kidney yin. Since TCM views symptoms an individual has due to a ‘root’ imbalance in the body, there are sacred points that help boost the kidney, and therefore keep the reservoirs full preserving life.

Small Intestine 6 (Yang Lao – Nursing the Aged) On the bony tip above the wrist on the pinky finger side. Put your finger on the tip and you can find the slit that is made when the hand is placed on the breast

This point is used when an individual has pain on the neck, shoulder, and forearm, and weakness in the limbs. It is also used for the elderly to help aging symptoms like vision loss, deafness, and poor memory. It is extremely helpful to treat individuals body, mind, and spirit. It can help get us out of a rut, or move us forward from our past towards our authenticity. It’s used for overwork or overstrain, which can leave us tired and defeated.

Lung 7 (Lie Que – Broken Sequence) located in the depression at the end styloid process of the radial bone 1.5 inches from the wrist crease

This is one of my favorite Goddess Protocol Acupressure Points. Physically this point is the command point of the neck. Since it is on the Lung channel it helps asthma, common colds, and other symptoms of the organ. It opens the Conception Vessel, which is our main Yin Vessel (see Ren 4 and 6). It is extremely beneficial to help with fertility as it supports the yin in our entire body. Since the lung is in charge of the skin, this point moistens and nourishes the skin. When you massage this point, imagine a beautiful diamond energy filling your body. Emotionally this point helps grief and sadness, and lifts the clouds of depression from our spirit.

Ren 6 (Qi hai – Sea of Qi) located on the midline, 1 1/2 inches below the belly button.

This is one of the main points in the body to boost energy in the body as well as revitalizes the spirit. It is used for any symptom where an patient is lacking vitality. Since it is on the Ren Mai (Conception vessel) it is used for men’s and women’s health issues like impotence, irregular periods. It is an amazing point for healthy aging. It is used for prolapse of any kind, digestive issues like bloating and poor digestion.

TIP: warm this point in the winter by using a hair dryer on it for 5 minutes intermittently.

Ren 4 (Guan Yuan – Origin Pass) located four fingers below the belly button

Ren 4 tonifies the blood, yin, yang and qi. It is a wonderful point to treat a woman post-pregnancy. I think of this as one of the main Goddess point of the body, as it is along the Conception Vessel. It honors our sexual self and helps with any sexual concerns or imbalances we may have. It is beneficial for those suffering from exhaustion, fortifies our vitality and essence, and boosts menstural disorders, bladder concerns, as well as menopausal symptoms. If you feel cold in this area, it is important to keep it warm so that the whirlpool of energy that focuses here can flow smoothly.

Du 4 (Mingmen – Gate of life) Located below Lumbar 2 vertebrae of the spine.

The name says it all! This is the fire that lights our pilot of life, and helps fuel our entire being. It helps balance cool and hot in the body, and the symptoms these imbalances bring. It helps with revitalizing our spirit, re-energizing our sexual self, and sets us forth on our path in front of us.

It helps any lower back pain, urinary issues, gives life to those dealing with debilitating diseases, epilepsy, and adrenal exhaustion. In Qi Gong we tap this area of the spine to release ‘stuck’ energy and allow it to disperse and move throughout the body. To watch the video I made on Qi Gong and the 5 Healing Sounds click HERE

Since this point is on the back, I find the easiest way to stimulate it is with a Spoonk Mat. I have found a very cost effective source to purchase one on Amazon. Click HERE to go to the link.

Kidney 3 (Tai xi – Great Ravine) located between the inner ankle bone and the achilled tendon in the depression.

Another amazing Goddess point! This is a very important point in the body to nourish the Kidney because it is the source point and it goes directly to the organ. In aging men, sometimes you see them bent over when walking, with lower back pain. This shows a decline in their kidney qi. By massaging this point, it will help them with vitality and virility. For women, this point is a main one to boost yin in the body, and helps with symptoms seen later in life such as menopause, insomnia, hot flashes, and an overall prevention point for aging. When massaging this point, visualize yourself enveloped in the deep waters of the universe, supporting and releasing fear from the spirit.

I very much look forward to finishing the first of three Goddess Protocol books. For now, enjoy this education on Goddess Protocol Acupressure points. You can also find many other articles on my blog for foods and vitamins, as well as tools I use daily to help the aging process. Thanks so much, Julie