What is Blood Stagnation?

Stagnant Blood describes a condition where the circulation of Blood is blocked or restricted. Stagnant Blood is treated in much the same way as Stagnant Qi. It is often the result of Stagnant Qi manifesting in more tangible, physical form.

Unless there is injury, tumor or severe exhaustion, both physical and emotional movement are part of the long-term remedy.

Promoting Blood Circulation through Food

Advice for Blood Stagnation is largely the same as for Qi Stagnation. Levels of toxicity and fat stored in the blood will also contribute to stagnation, so it is generally best to support attempts to move Blood Stagnation with foods that maintain and improve Blood quality.

Note also that foods which move Blood are often warm in nature so it is important to be cautious if signs of Heat are also present.

Foods which especially help move the Blood are listed below:

Amasake, Aubergine, Brown Sugar, Chestnut, Chili Pepper, Chive, Crab, Hawthorn Berry, Mustard Leaf, Onion, Peach, Scallion, Sturgeon, Vinegar.