Below is a list of foods to reduce cold….

A condition of cold frequently arises from a deficiency of YANG but it is possible for cold to take hold in the body without this predisposition. Cold can literally penetrate the body from the environment and lodge there, causing contraction and obstruction. This may occur in the muscles and joints (i.e. osteoarthritis), and even in organs such as the stomach, intestines, uterus, and bladder (i.e. stomach pain, uterine cramps) when exposed to cold temperatures. It can also penetrate to the interior of the body through the overconsumption of cold foods or liquids.

Another way cold can penetrate is as a pathogen such as a virus. If the cold influence is not driven off, it may lodge deeper in the body becoming chronic. Heat may also transform into cold over time and vice-versa.

At the emotional level cold arises from fear which causes us to contract, inhibiting our ability to flow and act freely. Cold may also be the result of long-held unexpressed emotions such as love, grief and anger, and of old emotional injury and trauma.

Cold causes contraction and obstructs the flow of blood and energy, sometimes painfully. To ward off cold we need to be sufficiently physically active, keep warmly clothed, apply warmth to any affected areas and, if appropriate, work on our fears and old emotional wounds.

At the dietary level we can favour more warming methods of food preparation and eat foods with warming properties. For chronic conditions we use warm and sweet foods. In acute stages of cold invasion we can use warm and pungent foods to drive the cold to the body surface, even to the extent of causing sweating.

Foods to reduce cold:

Amasake, anchovy, basil, bay, black pepper, brown sugar, butter, caper, cayenne, cherry, chestnut, chicken, chive seed, coconut milk, coriander seed, dill seed, fennel seed, garlic, ginger, kohlrabi, leek, lychee, longan, malt sugar, mussel, mustard leaf, mutton, nutmeg, onion, peach, pine kernel, rosemary, scallion, shrimp, soya oil, spearmint, squash, sweet potato, sweet rice, trout, turnip, vinegar, walnut, wine