Click here to purchase these lovely Jade rollers (made sure to purchase 2)

They are used at the end of a Facial Renewal session to help bring forth Yin and moisture to the face. We also use them in specialty treatments at AcuCare, as they help the skin absorb serums and lotions. I really love having a pair with me when I travel. I also keep a pair in my home office and use them when I need a moment of stillness.

Jade rollers are very beneficial for rosecea and acne. Other benefits include helping regain elasticity of the skin. Reduces facial swelling and tension. Improves blood circulation by means of massage.  Reduces the probability of headaches and sinus problems. Eliminates toxins and aids in lymphatic drainage. Finally jade rollers help to smooth the skins surface. A great tip in the summer is to keep the jade rollers in freezer to cool the face.