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Yummy and easy lentil soup recipe


Learn how to make this yummy and easy lentil soup recipe I have been making this yummy and easy lentil soup recipe for years, and am excited to share it with you! In Chinese Medical food cures, the lentils are considered a spleen energy tonic. Since I use plenty of ginger, garlic, turmeric, and other spices, it also helps strengthen the lung energy and boosts the immune system. With the addition of indian spices, this helps remove blood stagnation (pain) and inflammation in the body. This yummy and easy lentil soup recipe will make enough for 6 dinners, and it costs [...]

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Anti-aging bone broth


This bone broth is so beneficial for your entire system - It helps arthritis, muscle health, and even helps the aging process. One of the main reasons it does this is because we use chicken bones and chicken feet. I know this sounds gross, but the end result is very tasty once strained! It is also extremely cost-effective. Chicken feet contain collagen, which has many benefits: -can help improve athletic performance -it helps metabolize fats which means it is extremely beneficial for weight management -contains calcium and protein -reduces inflammation and slows down arthritis in the body -helps the circulation as [...]

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Magic Seeds Recipe for Healthy Aging


This amazing recipe helps with Healthy Aging, promoting bowel function, improving metabolism, and overall makes you feel more energetic! Have in the morning time.

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Recipes for Common Health Complaints


Below are some Recipes for common health complaints. I would like to thank Henry C. Lu for them, among other Chinese physicians.Common Cold : Cook noodles and add 25 g fresh onion white heads

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