Healing foods for your symptoms

Foods to Remove Heat from our Body


There are several ways that we can become hot. We may suddenly contract an acute feverish illness indicating that a “hot” pathogen has penetrated our defenses.

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Foods to Nourish Yin


Yin, the water of the body, is both lubricant and fuel. When the Yin is strong all body processes are "well-oiled" and we have a good reserve of fine quality nutrients to build new tissue and repair and maintain our bodies.

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Foods to Reduce Cold


A condition of cold frequently arises from a deficiency of YANG but it is possible for cold to take hold in the body without this predisposition. Cold can literally penetrate the body from the environment and lodge.

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Foods to Remove Dampness in the Body


For the next seven postings, we are going to look at food recommendations for your ‘root’ imbalances. Going to a TCM Doctor or Acupuncturist they will diagnose you with a specific ‘root’ behind your symptoms.

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Recipes for Common Health Complaints


Below are some Recipes for common health complaints. I would like to thank Henry C. Lu for them, among other Chinese physicians.Common Cold : Cook noodles and add 25 g fresh onion white heads

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