Acupressure Course For Stress and PMS


Acupressure Course For Stress and PMS I am so excited to announce on Thursday September 21st, I will be teaching the acupressure course for stress and PMS. In this first class of the series, you will learn easy and effective acupressure points to relieve your stress and pms symptoms. I have always been a huge believer in community. One of my main community hubs is my gym. I have gone to Goodlife Fitness here in Vancouver since 2013. In fact, I have even taught one of my favorite Qi Gong workouts there (you can click HERE to watch it). I am [...]

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FOUNDATIONS OF CONSTITUTIONAL FACIAL RENEWAL™ - Learn the Wakefield Technique! I am so excited to announce that for the first time in 3 years Foundations of Constitutional Facial Renewal™ is back in Canada! A 3-day advanced course; Module 1 of a certification series in ADVANCED CONSTITUTIONAL FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE™ This is hosted at the beautiful Inner Harmony clinic in Nanaimo, BC September 30th thru October 2nd 2023. Become a practitioner of ADVANCED CONSTITUTIONAL FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE®!! The most transformative, least invasive, facial acupuncture techniques on the market; study with the experts!! Foundations of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal™ is a comprehensive seminar which will [...]

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Best Acupuncture Clinics in Vancouver 2023!


AcuCare Acupuncture and Facial Renewal is so honored and excited to be selected as one of the "Best Acupuncture Clinics" in 2023! I was also curious about the criteria they use to select the list, and here's what the criteria that the Best Of Vancouver uses for Best Acupuncture Clinics 2023: Variety of Services – In this criterion, we assess the scope of their services to make sure they offer more than just acupuncture services. Facilities: ⮕Cleanliness – We observe the cleanliness of their facilities as we believe this is important to make clients feel comfortable during their visits. ⮕Amenities – [...]

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2023! Happy Year of the Water Rabbit!


Happy Year of the Water Rabbit! In 2023, even Rabbits stick out their tongues! (click HERE to read the tongue diagnosis article). We are leaving the bold masculine energy of the Tiger and entering a softer Yin year with the Water Rabbit. The diagnosis of the year 2023 is going to be one of rebirth, playfulness and wit. We will have courage, kindness, as well as good fortune! The Lunar New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday that is celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year’s Eve, to the [...]

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Anti-aging Facial Exercises Workshop


Anti-aging Facial Exercises Workshop Date: November 9 at 530 pm Location: Goodlife Fitness, 1401 W 8th Ave Cost: By donation for Move4Kids foundation (not required but appreciated) 1)Learn quick and easy facial exercises you can do at home (or at the gym) 2)Learn about facial muscles and how they relate to your emotions and aging 3)Watch a facial acupuncture demonstration (click HERE for more info on this treatment) 4)So you don't forget what you learn, a video will be sent to you! (if you cannot make it to the workshop it can be emailed to you directly) We go to [...]

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Learn Why Acupuncture Is So Effective for TMJ/Jaw Pain


Learn Why Acupuncture Is So Effective for TMJ/Jaw Pain Throughout the last 15 years as an Acupuncturist, one of the treatments I love working on is acupuncture for TMJ/Jaw Pain. If a Patient comes in complaining of grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw, I know I can help them. What is interesting, is that sometimes jaw pain can lead to symptoms you wouldn't necessarily expect to be due to a TMJ disorder. Symptoms of tinnitus and neck pain don't come to mind right away, and neither do headaches. This means you might be guided down the wrong path when it [...]

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How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally!


With the cold and flu season upon us, I thought it would be helpful to share some tips and recommendations that may boost your immune system naturally. 1) Sleep as much as you can: Getting enough sleep is one of the most helpful ways to boost your immune system. Try to turn off your tv or computer well before midnight, and the quality of your sleep will improve. Try to avoid caffeine after 3 pm, and create a sleeping ritual that will help you wind down. Besides having more energy, your immune system will thank you.   2) Get Acupuncture: I [...]

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Does Acupuncture work for back pain?


Does acupuncture work for back pain? In this article I will explain how acupuncture works for back pain, along with pain symptoms in general. I have been practicing acupuncture for years and years. In this time I always get asked "does acupuncture work for back pain?" Patients will commonly say that it is magic that when I place an acupuncture point on the hand, it helps move pain away from the upper back. Even stranger is when I treat a patient face up to help back pain. I commonly get asked questions like "acupuncture might help back pain, but can it [...]

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Acupressure points for Neck Pain


Acupressure Points for Neck Pain I have written this article to help you learn acupressure points for neck pain! There are so many of us who suffer from neck pain due to stress, accidents, sitting at a desk, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, among many other reasons. It is one of the most common concerns I see in clinic. An interesting facial renewal fact is that if you do have a tight neck, you can see concerns on the face such as forehead lines as well as sagging through the front of the neck. I thought it would be helpful to [...]

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Age Powerfully with Facial Renewal


Age Powerfully and Embrace Deep Beauty with the Three Treasures of Facial Renewal. Today I wanted to write about the theme of my upcoming book trilogy. This focuses on embracing deep beauty to age powerfully. The idea behind this is changing our mindset when it comes to how we age. Changing it from a place of fear around aging. Becoming "less than" as we age, and that focuses on outer beauty as society tells us. By choosing to focus on surface aging, we ignore the deeper layers of ourselves. This can create blockage and stagnation within our bodies. In Chinese Medicine [...]

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