AcuCare Acupuncture and Facial Renewal is so honored and excited to be selected as one of the “Best Acupuncture Clinics” in 2023!

I was also curious about the criteria they use to select the list, and here’s what the criteria that the Best Of Vancouver uses for Best Acupuncture Clinics 2023:

Variety of Services – In this criterion, we assess the scope of their services to make sure they offer more than just acupuncture services.

Cleanliness – We observe the cleanliness of their facilities as we believe this is important to make clients feel comfortable during their visits.
Amenities – We made sure to include companies that have multiple amenities on-site such as washrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and many more.
Acupuncture Rooms – In this criterion, we evaluate how many acupuncture rooms they have to make sure they can accommodate multiple clients at once.
Staff – We look into how many staff members they have as well as their experience and background.

Customer Service – We contacted former patients to inquire about the likelihood that they would recommend these clinics to others.


One thing I feel is extremely important is Education and Home care recommendations. If you are already a patient, you know how I feel about home care to support the acupuncture treatments. If you aren’t yet a patient, I would recommend looking through the educational Blog on my webpage (click HERE). I would also suggest finding my on social media, especially on YouTube where I try to share tutorials on things like “facial exercises to sculpt face and neck“, “qi gong“, “top 10 stress relief tool-kit musthaves for the office” and so on.

As always, if you have any questions about acupuncture or traditional chinese medicine please contact me!