This bone broth is so beneficial for your entire system – It helps arthritis, muscle health, and even helps the aging process.

One of the main reasons it does this is because we use chicken bones and chicken feet. I know this sounds gross, but the end result is very tasty once strained! It is also extremely cost-effective.

Chicken feet contain collagen, which has many benefits:

-can help improve athletic performance

-it helps metabolize fats which means it is extremely beneficial for weight management

-contains calcium and protein

-reduces inflammation and slows down arthritis in the body

-helps the circulation as it helps strengthen the blood vessels.

Chicken feet are not only rich in collagen but also a good source of hyaluronic acid which can prevent the effects of aging, and chondroitin sulfate which is great for those who suffer from joint problems.

How to make this anti-aging bone broth:

The first step is to pan-fry the chicken feet (available at asian grocery stores) and chicken bones in oil with some salt and pepper.




2)While the feet and bones are browning in the pan, get out your trusty slow cooker, turn on low, and add 6 cups of water.

3)Next, chop up your onions, celery, and carrots, and add this to the slow cooker.

4)You can add bay leaves, garlic, and any other herbs you wish to add.

Let the veggies and bones do their thing for 12 hours or more.

5)Strain it!


I want to thank my amazing friend and collague Delphine Baumer for her help with this recipe.

My favorite thing to use this for is homemade chicken noodle soup. However, drinking this daily throughout the cold season any way you would use regular chicken stock will do your health wonders!