Age Powerfully and Embrace Deep Beauty with the Three Treasures of Facial Renewal.

Today I wanted to write about the theme of my upcoming book trilogy. This focuses on embracing deep beauty to age powerfully.

The idea behind this is changing our mindset when it comes to how we age. Changing it from a place of fear around aging. Becoming “less than” as we age, and that focuses on outer beauty as society tells us. By choosing to focus on surface aging, we ignore the deeper layers of ourselves. This can create blockage and stagnation within our bodies. In Chinese Medicine we call this qi stagnation.

Renew yoursef and age powerfullyInstead, to age powerfully means that we become more as we age, not less. It is about embracing the process of transformation that comes as you age. The idea that we can peel back the layers of blockages and stagnation that have been built up over time to uncover a deep beauty within ourselves. This is what I like to call an exfoliation of the spirit (or ‘shen’ in Chinese Medicine terminology).

Age powerfully and uncover a deep beauty withinThe idea of reconnecting with your ‘under beauty’ and radiating it out into the world. Letting go of fear around aging, and instead age powerfully. There are many ways that you can uncover your authentic beauty inside and out. One of the primary focuses of this is being educated. The upcoming book trilogy will be focused on that. It will also focus on rituals and home care to allow you to have confidence around how you age.

In Chinese Medicine we believe that there are three levels of how we age, including our genetics, traumas and pain, daily stressors, and spirit/emotions. When we are able to connect and create harmony within these levels, it allows us to let go of who we were. Then it allows us to move forward into who we are. This is even more powerful during facial acupuncture and vibrational healing techniques.


Through my journey, I have had many traumas and pain in my life, starting at a young age. With that trauma comes experience and courage to overcome these obstacles I have been faced with. Throughout all the experiences I have had, as well as the training and education in health, I have learned that there is a path forward for beauty and wellness – naturally and holistically. Deep Beauty is, lets say, “the holy grail” in the war against aging. It’s time to age powerfully!

When I speak of the three treasures of facial renewal, these include facial acupuncture, facial soundscapes™ (vibrational healing), and microneedling please feel free to click on these links for more information on each modality). Within these modalities we are able to shed the stagnation and pain that has been built up over time on the face, the body, but also within the ‘shen’ (spirit). This allows us to age powerfully.

age powerfully with facial acupuncture and microneedling

I will be including many stories from patients in the book trilogy, as it is important to hear how others have responded. These have allowed me to show up in the world as the powerful and passionate person I want to be, and hope they can do the same for you! If you are local to Vancouver and wish to book a facial renewal treatment you can click HERE.

Below is an amazing ritual that will help to release deeper layers of emotional stagnation within the body….