Acupressure Points for Stress Relief

I have written this article to help you learn acupressure points for stress relief! There are so many symptoms that plague us due to the immense amount of stress we are all under daily. I thought it would be helpful to share with you some common acupuncture points you can massage on yourself or your loved ones. When you do acupressure, use deep, firm pressure to massage and stimulate each point. When massaging acupoints, try to relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Even listen to calming music to get you in a zen space. Repeat the massage as often as you like; there is no limit to the number of times a day. To further help relieve stress, try this acupressure mat I use nightly to unwind after a busy day… CLICK HERE

Another tip is to practice Qi Gong daily, as it allows our energy highways to flow freely and calm our mind. I have a demonstration you can follow along to by CLICKING HERE

Large Intestine 4

Large Intestine 4

Large intestine 4 (He gu – union valley) located in between the 1st and 2nd hand bones, in the middle of the firm, fleshy mound.

LI 4 is one of those points that is beneficial for so many symptoms, it’s just a good idea to do acupressure on it every day. As it is the ‘command point’ for the face, it relieves headaches, sinus issues, common cold, TMJ/jaw pain, toothache, hayfever, and acne. It helps strengthen our immune system, stops excessive sweating, and helps enduce labor. It relieves stress as well as promotes circulation of the entire body., and since it is on the large intestine channel, helps digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and distension of the abdomen.

*do not use during pregnancy

Liver 3 (Tai chong – great surge) located in the large depression between the 1st and 2nd toe.

Liver 3

Liver 3

This is one of the best points for calming irritability, anger, frustration, and anxiety. It moves energy and blood circulation throughout the entire body, therefore is helpful for pain and headaches. It brings down hypertension, dizziness, and red/painful eyes. Regulating the flow of menstruation, cramps, and other PMS symptoms. Also benefits hernia, chest and abdominal pain, and acid reflux. Of course it has many other uses when combined with other points.




Together Large intestine 4 and Liver 3 are called the 4 gates: As both points are found bilaterally on the body, they are the 4 gates/doors that move energy throughout the entire body. When we are stressed out, our energy becomes blocked and leads to a pluthera of symptoms in the body and mind. We use these points in practice daily, and help patients with any pain symptoms, tension, relaxes irritability and anger, PMS, headaches/migraines/mental fatigue, and detoxifying the body.



Gall Bladder 34

Gall Bladder 34

Gall bladder 34  (Yang ling quan – Yang mound spring) run your finger up the side of your lower leg until you find a bony landmark below the knee. Move about an inch diagonally forward and down until you feel a tender spot in the depression of the fibula.

This point commands the tendons, and is useful for ANY soft tissue injury! It is also effective for stress (qi stagnation) leading to symptoms in the body. Things like nausea, indigestion, gallstones, cramps in the body, PMS, and jaundice. Also sciatic pain, lower back/hip pain, temporal headaches, trap and IT tightness.




Ren 6

RN 6 – Sea of Qi

Ren 6 (Qi hai – sea of Qi) located on the midline, 1 1/2 inches below the belly button.

This is one of the main points in the body to boost qi/energy in the body and spirit. It is used for any symptom where an patient is lacking vitality. Since it is on the Ren Mai (Conception vessel) it is used for men’s and women’s health issues like impotence, irregular periods, and a great point just for healthy aging. It is used for prolapse of any kind, digestive issues like bloating and poor digestion. TIP: warm this point in the winter by using a hair dryer on it for 5 minutes intermittently.

I have put this under acupressure for stress relief as used in combination with the above points, it is very effective for period cramps and other symptoms due to stagnation or blockage of energy. When the energy in the body cannot move, it also cannot build new energy.