Acupressure Points for Neck Pain

acupressure for neck pain

I have written this article to help you learn acupressure points for neck pain! There are so many of us who suffer from neck pain due to stress, accidents, sitting at a desk, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, among many other reasons. It is one of the most common concerns I see in clinic. An interesting facial renewal fact is that if you do have a tight neck, you can see concerns on the face such as forehead lines as well as sagging through the front of the neck.

I thought it would be helpful to share with you some common acupuncture points for neck pain you can massage on yourself or your loved ones. You will notice that these aren’t actually on the neck, but however on the meridians of the body – as they connect with the neck.

When you do acupressure, use deep, firm pressure to massage and stimulate each point. When massaging acupressure points for neck pain, try to relax in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Even listen to calming music to get you in a zen space. CLICK HERE to go to a music video I created to help relax your body and mind (528 Hz for Miracles and Transformation | Beautiful British Columbia River Meditation). Repeat the massage as often as you like; there is no limit to the number of times a day. To further help relieve stress, try this acupressure mat I use nightly to unwind after a busy day… CLICK HERE

Before diving in to these acupressure points for neck pain, you can CLICK HERE to learn more about how acupuncture helps neck pain and other symptoms, along with FAQ and testimonials.


Lung 7 (Lie Que – Broken Sequence) located in the depression at the end styloid process of the radial bone 1.5 inches from the wrist crease

This is one of my favorite Acupressure Points. Physically this point is the command point of the neck. I commonly use this point in practice with acupuncture, tuning forks, and/or magnets (for those of us who are needle sensitive). Since it is on the Lung channel it helps asthma, common colds, and other symptoms of the organ. It opens the Conception Vessel, which is our main Yin Vessel. It is extremely beneficial to help with fertility as it supports the yin in our entire body. Since the lung is in charge of the skin, this point moistens and nourishes the skin. When you massage this point, imagine a beautiful diamond energy filling your body. Emotionally this point helps grief and sadness, and lifts the clouds of depression from our spirit.



Small Intestine 3 (Hou xi – Back Stream) located when the hand is slightly flexed, on the side of the hand below the 5th finger joint.

acupressure for neck painOne of the primary uses of this point is for neck and back pain, and I cannot go further until we look at this acupressure point for neck pain! It is also used for headaches (especially when they start at the back of the head). I love that it is also beneficial for exterior wind-cold or wind-heat disorder (common cold). This acupressure point is amazing where there is a stiff neck, headache, aches down the back, and chills and fever. Small Intestine 3 is very useful to relax all the tendons and muscles along the back, but in clinic it is more used more often for upper back pain. It is recommended for women to massage this point on the right hand, and for men to on the left.

It is also beneficial for jaundice and a feeling of stuffiness in the chest. Lastly, it can help clear the mind, as well as allowing an individual to handle difficult decisions and gain clarity of mind and judgement.

San Jiao 3 (Zhong Zhu – Middle Islet) when the hand is making a fist, between the 4th and 5th fingers below the knuckle joint on the hand.

acupressure for neck pain

Since the energy highway of the San Jiao (triple warmer/burner) runs along the side of the neck, this point will help clear pain and headaches from the sides of the neck and head. It is fantastic to do acupressure for neck pain!

It is also beneficial to move qi stagnation from the liver which shows as mood swings and pain on the sides of the torso/abdomen. San Jiao 3 can lift depression and brings clear energy to the head.




Luo Zhen Ex-UE-8 (falling down from pillow) when the hand is making a fist, between the 2nd and 3rd fingers below the knuckle joint on the hand.acupressure for neck pain

This points main action is to address acute issues of the neck. Luo Zhen can help neck strain, sprain, and whiplash. When you apply pressure to this point, it is also recommended to gently move your head from side to side. It is also recommended to press Luo Zhen on the affected side of the body as the neck pain.





Gall bladder 39  (Xuan Zhong – suspended bell) run your finger up the side of your lower leg approximately a hand measurement from the middle of the ankle bone in between the tendons approximately 3 inches up, behind the bone of the fibula.

One of the main actions of Gall Bladder 39 is pain on the sides of the neck. This point is extremely beneficial when you are having difficulties turning your neck from side to side.

A very helpful action of this point is prevention of stroke if massaged on a regular basis.





I hope this blog post was helpful, let me know if you have any questions in the comments! -Julie