Acupressure Course For Stress and PMS

I am so excited to announce on Thursday September 21st, I will be teaching the acupressure course for stress and PMS. In this first class of the series, you will learn easy and effective acupressure points to relieve your stress and pms symptoms.

I have always been a huge believer in community. One of my main community hubs is my gym. I have gone to Goodlife Fitness here in Vancouver since 2013. In fact, I have even taught one of my favorite Qi Gong workouts there (you can click HERE to watch it). I am so excited to be starting this complimentary acupressure series there. I will be offering acupressure courses there approximately 8 times/year. This will be open to the public but there will be limited spots. Since the gym is ‘for women only’, I unfortunately cannot extend the offer to males, however I will try to keep up with YouTube videos after the class, so you can practice at home along with me. Please CLICK HERE to view the gym location.

There will be limited seats available. You also have the option of purchasing 800 gauss acupressure magnets which I will bring in. These will be available for purchase not for profit – $10 for 4 (cash only). We will go through other methods of acupressure, however this is one of the more powerful ways to benefit from acupressure. Click HERE to save your seat!
*make sure to wear comfy clothes to access your legs and arms.