My search is over!! Julie is highly skilled and intuitive. You just know when a person is gifted and Julie is indeed. She keeps you engaged in the process which is so imporant to know what is happening in the healing. A new treatment for me is the tuning forks which I feel is amazing. It just makes sense to me. Again, Julie has had many years experience with them. What a gift she has and lucky for me for knowing and trusting her.

Jo Ann Strcic

I consider myself to be a fairly healthy person, but this past year a series of unexpected stressful events including two deaths in the family, my mother moving from Calgary to Vancouver and living with us for 9 months, a big increase in our business volume, and a personal health issue all led to feelings of chronic fatigue and growing aches and pains. After half a dozen treatments with Julie I could feel my body’s natural ability to cope returning. Julie’s intuitive and professional approach provided the perfect combination of treatments at every visit, and I was impressed with her ability to know what was going on with my body even before I walked into the room. I would encourage anyone who is feeling run down in any way to seek Julie’s services. Whether it is due to an actual health issue or just the curve balls that life can throw your way, I am confident that Julie can stregthen your natural healing reserves and get you back into optimal functioning very quickly.

Andrea Jacques, Kyocei Consulting

I found I had very good results with both the Facial Rejuvenation and Acupuncture. My migraines have been a lot better and as a side benefit, the arthritis in the base of my thumb has been 90% better. I hardly have any pain in it, as before I had almost constant pain — only relieved by Advil — even after a cortisone shot. I find Julie to be very professional and knowledgeable and caring. She explains everything before and during treatment, and the needles do not hurt (maybe a little around the mouth for my lip lines). I find it a very relaxing experience. I find Julie does have ‘A passion for health and well-being’.

Carolyn Greves

In August of 2009 I injured my back and had sciatica down my left leg with much back pain. I went to the Chiropractor, then to physiotherapy, back to the chiropractor and back to physiotherapy for another session of exercises, etc. Still the pain persisted and I was taking pain killers daily. There was no position that was comfortable. The Doctor diagnosed me with having degenerative disc L4-L5. There was a definite lump that I could feel in my back. Finally in July of 2010 I decided to try acupuncture and made an appointment to see Julie Shillabeer. My first treatment was on July 26th. Within just a few treatments my back loosened up and my limp was nearly gone. The pain was gone completely from the first treatment and so were the painkillers. Sometime around the third or fourth treatment the lump went down in my back. Before treatment even going shopping was a real chore and walking around in the malls was out of the question. As a result of the treatments, I can walk again in moderate comfort. I would like to thank Julie for making me feel so much better and have no qualms recommending her to anyone, and have done so repeatedly.

Donna Goddard

I have experienced several treatments with Julie and I have referred a long term client to Julie with great success. Julie provides a professional approach and makes her patients feel comfortable and safe. She is very knowledgeable in her field and takes the time to explain what she is doing and why. I highly recommend Julie for the above reasons and more.

Yvonne Bray, Pilates Specialist

Thank-you so much Julie for your treatments. Your use of IMS acupuncture and cupping helped to release my tight muscles and promote relaxation. Your approach and technique were very professional and the cupping worked to relieve the pain. Having acupuncture needles sounds like an uncomfortable procedure but it was not at all. On top of those treatments were relaxing music, tuning forks, fragrant scents, heat lamps, hot towels, and cold water. All together it was an amazing experience!

Scott H.

I began recieving acupuncture from Julie Shillabeer over a year ago for a neck injury from a car accident I was in. Since then I have continued to see her to continue my healing as well as for all my other medical/emotional/etc. concerns as I see instant and continuing results from our treatments. I have seen her for an old shoulder injury from snowboarding. I have seen her for stress, for trouble sleeping, for fertility help when trying to concieve my first baby, for relief from the emotional and physical aspects of my miscarriage and for much more.

Julie’s holistic approach to healing and prevention is extremely refreshing, as is her warm, genuine personality. Treatments with Julie feel like meeting with a friend. Her knowledge level is extremely impressive and she keeps you informed with what she is doing and why throughout the entire treatment. I am constantly blown away by Julie and how successful her work is for me. I will continue to see Julie for as long as I can. Thank you soooooo much.

Brianne Holden

I experienced a wonderful treatment with Julie. She provides acupuncture and vibration therapy in order to treat the underlying root of emotional and/or physical symptoms. Julie creates a safe, warm, healing, and relaxing environment and conveys a caring and competent presence. I felt comfortable with Julie and engaged in her approach to treating me. Julie is comprehensive in her intake and follows through on her recommendations by offering alternative, natural resources for everyday issues. Julie is definitely a great referral for health and healing. For my treatment, I strained my arm muscle exercising and through various aggressive movements. It was so uncomfortable and sore, it was distracting me from my work, and I couldn’t lift anything. I received one treatment of acupuncture from Julie Shillabeer, of Acucare Acupuncture. The next morning, my arm felt significantly better, and by the end of that day, my arm was back to normal. Julie’s calm presence, professionalism, and competence helped me feel better quickly and effectively. Thanks Julie!

Grace McDonald, RMFT

I’m 24 and had my first facial acupuncture treatment today to address certain fine lines on my face. I noticed the result right away. I have been using a lot of product on my skin to prevent the signs of fine lines but nothing has ever worked as quickly as today’s facial acupuncture treatment. I could really feel the points releasing the tension on the muscles and my fine lines were impossible to see after the treatment. Definitely making this a regular treatment for myself.

-Andrea S.
-A funny AcuCare testimonial