“The acupuncturist with Legend of the sea, Julie Shillabeer, was very informative. For

a person who was extremely apprehensive about this type of treatment she provided the

information with sincerity and confidence. That confidence that she possesses she instills

in her patients. She is definitely an asset to her profession. I will continue my treatment at


Margaret Marcus

“I certainly feel an improvement in my chronic spinal pain. I’m looking forward to

continuing treatments at home. You were very gentle and informative Julie. Would like

to continue with you but I’m sure you don’t like artic weather. Thanks for everything”

Jon Burhoe

“To my acupuncturist Julie, she went that extra mile for me and relieved a lot of pain for

me, thank you!”

Ed McDonald

“I got wonderful treatment while I was on my cruise. Julie helped with my migraines and

lower back problem I had. Will look to continue this at home”

Beverly Harter

“I was injured in auto accident prior to this trip. I was experiencing pain in upper and

lower back with pain and great amount of stiffness in my neck. Upon 3 treatments of

acupuncture I had increased my range of motion in my neck and greatly reduced pain in

upper and lower back areas”

Margie Tumolo

“I was very weary about this by my daughters told me to at least give it a try. And I

loved it! Julie talked me through every step that she did – explaining what I might

expect. Because I had so much pain I realized that 3 treatments probably wouldn’t totally

eliminate all the pain. And that turned out to be the case. However I plan to follow

through with more treatments once I’m back home. I just wish I could bring Julie with

me! She’s so knowledgable about her profession – and I feel 100% confident with all she

did. Thank you so much for being the one I was able to go to (please think about coming

to the southern tip of New york when you’re through cruising”

Diane Robinson