“This was my first time trying acupuncture. I have tried many forms of treatment and was

very pleased with this one. I will be looking for local treatment at home. I think it is great

Royal Caribbean is offering this and was very pleased with my therapist.”

Scott Madden


“Outstanding. Significant pain prior to treatments. Total relief now. Excellent massage.

You’ve opened my eyes to acupuncture. Best of luck.”

Chris Hess

“Excellent doctor, Very plesant.”

Donald Shepard

“Julie was wonderful. I was ready to be afraid of needles, but the whole experience was

remarkably painless and relaxing.”

Livia Mas

“Outstanding, professional service. I was totally pleased with the outcome of the

procedure. The information was explained in detail by Julie. It was virtually painless,

relaxing, and I saw results after the first treatment. I would recommend this to anyone,

especially if you find someone as good as Julie.”

Patricia Kennedy

“First treatment the needles (some of them) hurt a little bit going in but felt ok.

Immediately could tell a difference afterwards. Later that night noticed two bruises: one

next to my eye, one next to my mouth. So for the next two treatments Julie placed the

needles along the hairline. Still see a difference in my face and no further bruising. Julie’s

a sweetheart! Very nice to have her work on me. Highly recommend her.”

Vicki Slone

“Dr. Julie Shillabeer, Thank-you for helping with my sinus problem, which I’ve had for

at least 30 years! I can breathe again! This was my first experience with acupuncture and

so happy I could attend a class on the Introduction to Acupuncture on the Legend of the

Seas. Dr. Julie is very knowledgeable and with her wonderful personality, is guaranteed to

help many people with this painless technique!”

Shirley Eaton

“I will never go on a cruise again unless it has acupuncture. I signed up for a series

of three with Dr. Julie. It included treatment for hand and wrist pain and knee pain (a

result of athletic abuse from tennis) and also facial rejuvenation. The pain areas were

considerably declined and my face felt and looked more youthful and stress free. It was

a productive and relaxing experience and added to the total cruise experience. Thank you

so much Julie.”

Sue Shaw

“Julie did a great job. Very personable and I enjoyed the three treatments. A great

addition to a great cruise. Thank you.”

William Kadow

“I have wanted to go to an acupuncturist for some time now, and I am glad that I finally

did. I have suffered from really bad arthritis for several years now, and it especially

affects my hands. After one treatment, my hands were completely pain free. After that,

I made three more appointments until the last day. Julie is the best, and I wish she could

live in my house! I would not have been able to write this six days ago.”

Carol Mas