“Wanting to lose weight, I had 10 treatments and slept through most of them. I

immediately felt energized and never hungry. I lost 2.5 kilograms and never skipped a

meal! Julie is always highly professional, a great teacher and has a warm personality. I

recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is painless!”

Barbara Billette

“When I came on this ship I wasn’t able to walk. I tried acupuncture now I’m able to

walk, dance, workout at the gym. It worked for me, no more pain. Three days now I’m on

top of the world. Thank-you!”

Ben Devane

“I am most grateful for the acupuncture treatment you gave me this week. I have had

back pain for quite awhile and have attempted to remedy it with massage therapy,

chiropractor services and various doctors. Thus far, you have been the most helpful. I

also appreciate your professionalism, your promptness and the seriousness with which

you handle each case. Liberty of the Seas is fortunate to have you in practice on board.”

William Figler

“I’ve had chronic pain in the Right leg for one year, which I assumed was the result of

trying to improve my golf swing. My self correction was athletic supports on my knee/

thigh/ankle and NSAIDs to reduce the pain, with limited success. As luck would have

it, we became aware of your practice and thought to give it a try, and we did, and it’s

working. Thank-you Dr. Julie.”

David Halloran

“I have had MS for 35 years. My right Leg is “bitterly dead” but painful. It cramps and

wakes us up in the night. It ruins my life. Julie has removed the pain from the entire

leg in 4 sessions. IT IS A MIRACLE. I have a bladder problem (overactive) and this

disappeared. I have an implant and patches I wear, and these do not work. My bladder

has been fine on the trip. Now the face….. Too many smiley deep lines – voila – the lines

are turning into babies. I have worn bangs for 30 years. I now for two nights worn my

hair straight back and people are saying what’s going on – you have such a small pretty

face. I was pretty until a few months ago – all hell broke loose – Now Julie has put me

back on track. I wanted to come back to her in Europe in April for more treatments. We

have before and after pictures. Wanted more treatments but you’re booked.”

Pam Olt

“First time for acupuncture treatments. Total of three this week. Excellent practitioner,

would recommend Julie to any potential client. Very impressed with the treatment and

the results. Thank you very much.”

Leonard Martin

“Julie is professional in all regards. I enjoyed her pleasant demeanor. She explained the

procedure which calmed my fear of needles. I recommend the treatment and Julie as a

practitioner of this art and science. All the best in the future, thanks for your help with the


Robert Kennedy

“Wonderful treatment applied with a positive attitude. You have a wonderful personality

and will go far in your field with all the knowledge you have aquired.”

Sandra DiPrigio

“This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was skeptical, but willing to try

it. The results were immediate and made me a believer. Dr. Julie’s technique made

my treatments painless and she explained everything in detail as she treated my ailing

shoulder and hand. I wish her the best.”

James M. Eaton

“This was my first experience with acupuncture. I feel very fortunate to have met Julie

and had her as my therapist. She guided me through the process very professionally and

sensitive to my needles. The results especially after the second treatment were quite

noticeable and of great comfort for my arthritis. I highly recommend this treatment and

can assure “first” time patients to relax and enjoy.”

Diane Goldfeder