We are usually asked about:

Is Julie available for Lunch and Learns?

Yes, Julie currently is available to come to your office complementary, and educate you and your colleagues about the benefits and fascinating theories behind acupuncture.

Julie also does mini-treatments for wellness days at your office. Please e-mail Julie for more information about this unique option.

How many treatments will I need?

If a patient has an acute concern like a flu or cold, sometimes one treatment is all you need. If there is, for example, whiplash, this may need a series of between 3-8 treatments depending on the severity. Then again, if a patient comes in with arthritis, this is a degenerative concern that cannot be cured. What acupuncture can do is break up the osteophyes (bone spurs) to prevent the concern from worsening. Also it will help with mobility and lubrication within the joints. The principle behind Chinese Medicine is to treat the reason behind why we have health concerns. Once the root is treated, the symptoms will dissipate.

Once I start having treatments, do they go on forever?

Of course for prevention acupuncture is wonderful to continue on a regular basis. If a patient comes in for just one concern, then of course not, just until the ailment has been resolved.

Does it hurt?

When inserted correctly, a patient may feel different sensations (including tingling, heaviness, and a feeling of movement within a meridian). Generally these sensations increase with every treatment – called a “qi sensation”. If there is any discomfort it is extremely mild.

Are the needles sterilized?

Since 1996, there has been a regulated body with extremely strict standards on needle use and disposal. All needles are one time use. Are there any side effects? -The side effects of acupuncture are good side effects, including extreme relaxation. If there are any, if would most commonly be mild brusing in the local area (especially if cupping is involved). In a British medical journal said within 70, 000 treatments there was not one serious incident!

Can you treat more than one thing at a time?

Yes. In fact, many times through diagnosis we find that – for example – the upset stomach, poor sleep, and depression all have to do with one root concern. In treating the root concern (with maybe 10 needles) in turn, rids all three of these ailments.

Will my insurance cover the treatments?

Many citizens within BC have medical coverage for a portion of acupuncture treatments. Other companies with extended health medical will cover the entire treatment. It is best to inquire within your insurance company to find out if you qualify for reimbursement. AcuCare is registered with MSP. If you qualify for their coverage, you will be reimbursed through MSP that portion of the total cost. Also, RCMP and some Veterans can be covered for up to 25 visits/year through Blue Cross.

What is involved in an acupuncture session?

With the first session, you are required to fill in a signed consent form – including all medical history. Afterwards, the doctor will review the file and spend between 5 – 20 minutes discussing the concerns. Once the consultation is finished and a diagnosis is made, the acupuncture treatment will begin. A patient may lay on his/her front/back depending on which points out of the 360 will be chosen. Through breathing techniques the insertion of the needles will take place. The patient will have the needles retained approximately 30 minutes. Within this time the needles may be manipulated while the patient is relaxed. Different techniques may be used depending on the concern – including cupping/moxibustion/electric stimulation/gua sha/pricking/auricular acupuncture.

How soon before I can expect to see results?

After a session, it generally takes a night of sleep to feel a change. Again, it depends on what the concern is for how many sessions are required.